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ity. Imbalanced, uncoordinat▓ed and unequal development reflects unsustainable development, as does an exte▓ns

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ive development model. China is pursuing a sus▓tainable approach to production, utilization and consumption of natural resources. China now follows a sustainable and resilient socio-economic development path so as to meet the needs of both present and▓ future generations. China has a development mindset of balance and sustainability, regarding the harmonious developme

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nt between humanity and nature, between economy and society, as a new mean

s of realizing and protecting the right to development.The right to development must be enjoyed and shared by all peoples. Realizing the right to development is t▓he responsibility of all countries and also the obligation of the intern

ational community. It requires governments of all countries to formulate development strategies and policies suited to their own realities, and it requires concerted efforts of the international comm▓unity as a whole. China calls on all countries to pursue eq▓ual, open, all-round and innovative▓ common development, promotes inclusive development, and creates conditions for all peoples to share the right to development. Gl▓

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obal economic governance must be based on equality. It must better reflect the new world economic pattern, give an enhanced voice and representation to emerging markets and developing countries, ensure that▓ all countries enjoy equality of rights, oppo▓rtuni

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ties and rules in international economic cooperation, and ensure the right to developm

ent is shared.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan t▓he QR Code to follow us on WechatPremier calls for unrelenting efforts in care for women, childrenPremier calls for unrelenting efforts▓ in care for women, childrenPremier calls for unrelenting efforts in care for women, ch▓ildren11-21-2016 06:59 BJTBEIJING, Nov. 20▓ (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang called on authorities▓ to make constant efforts in improving the ov

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